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Article Spotlight

A Motto to Live By

Joan Schepps

An enlightening glimpse at bridge history....

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Bridge Slang

Linda Lee

When playing bridge it's just as important to know bridge talk, as it is to know how to play. Here are some bridge terms I hope you will enjoy....

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Bridge on Broadway

Ray Lee

I'm a big fan of Broadway, and it's always bugged me that chess has its own show but bridge doesn't. But as you'd expect from such a popular game, bridge has put in its appearances in film and theatre....

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Bridge History

Chris Hasney

The card game of Bridge traces its roots to Whist, which was popular in Europe as early as the 1500s. Card play itself goes back even farther, to the 10th century in China. Decks of cards containing kings, queens, and jacks came to Europe from the Moslem world in the late 1300s....

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