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Site Review: Bridge Bum by Linda Lee

(A reference website.)


Bridge Bum is a personal website authored by Jeff Tang.  The website was begun in 1999 with the idea of describing bridge conventions and included bridge articles and interviews.

Appearance: I like the look, it is a nice clean modern look with lots of buttons to allow you to easily navigate the website.  

Content: A long list of conventions.  Each one is clearly described with examples.    I especially like the See Also section which shows you similar alternative conventions.  I chose to look up the Staveley Wriggle (A new one for me!)  It is one of the many conventions used as a runout when the opponents double 1NT for penalty.  I like the idea that pass is natural (and weak?) and that redouble is strong and for play.  You can read about the rest of the convention on his website. A “wriggle” in the UK means an escape or runout.  

Under the bidding principles heading: CRIFS (from Larry Cohen) which is a method of making a borderline decision about when to open on a borderline hand in fourth seat.  If you want to know more you will have to look–but I will say that if I am ever playing against Larry and he has to make a fourth chair decision about whether to open or not, I will discover if Larry has overestimated me or underestimated me.  

Bridge Bum features articles on a variety of topics including a small number of interviews.  Read the article “If Chess Was Played Like Bridge” to find some thoughts on why bridge is dying in America.

Level: Advanced, Expert but something for students at lower levels