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Site Review: Richard Pavlicek by Linda Lee


Appearance: Simple but easy to navigate.  Music and pleasing illustrations from bridges to puppy dogs.  

Content:  The problem with reviewing Richard Pavlicek’s website is that I can’t help myself: I have to play.  As soon as I enter the page I find myself doing a quiz on forcing notrump fare.  I am doing perfectly until hand four of twelve comes up.  Should I respond 1NT to 1  with a very nice 11 count 2-2-4-5 or should I bid 2 (is the name of the quiz a clue?)  I do great on the first play problem I try (Ice Cold Contracts).  

I LOVE this website.  I could spend days on this website.  Problems, quizzes, polls, articles, matches, theory, conventions … I love it all.  Don’t miss the humor.   Have a laugh with the tipsy story -  ‘Twas the Mabel Before Christmas”.  

Matches and exhibits include some interesting technical material.  For example, if you have a choice of opening 1  or 1NT, which one is likely to work out better? (You can see how experts fared). Also very interesting was an analysis of which expert pair did best in major events from 1996 to the present.  

Just a few more of the wonders of this site: A variety of “bridge toys,” including hand evaluation and suit combination calculators to help you out; Odds and Theory (have a look at lead safety analysis);  and checkout Richard’s comments  in the tab “for advertisers”.   

Rich, you bring out the Nerd in me, you delight the bridge player in me, you entertain me and you teach me.  Thank you so much Rich. If I was trapped on a desert island with only one website, this would be the one I wanted.

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Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert