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Site Review: Clairebridge by Linda Lee

(Personal website of Claire Martel.)


Note: Clairebridge can be viewed in French or English

I believe this is the third time I have reviewed this website and readers will know I think it is terrific.  There is a lot of content.  Much of this content is links to documents, websites, interviews, and so on, carefully organized by Claire with lots of pictures. The site covers a lot of territory including bidding practice, laws, conventions to declarer, bridge players and stars, bridge teaching, articles and more.  I was surprised to find a number of links to my own blogs on some of the pages (naturally I clicked on them and quite enjoyed reading them)!  Some highlights for me included: a heated debate between two top players on whether women are as good at bridge as men (from English bridge 2010); an interesting utility to generate bridge hands, and a great list of new bridge blogs to read.  It’s all here.  Clairebridge is visual, it is amusing, but most of all, it is a gateway to the world of bridge on the web.  I love it.

Level: All