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Site Review: ACBL by Linda Lee


The ACBL website has come a long way since its early days.  It now seems to me to be a great professional website representing bridge in North America.

Appearance: Great looking, with clean lines.  I love the pictures.  They manage to provide a lot of content and still provide a great visual experience.

Content: The ACBL website has a lot of content.  I couldn’t begin to do it justice.  Just to sample some of it: 

For newcomers: free “learn to play” software and a 36 page Members Guide which has an explanation in alphabetical order of everything from the ACBL Bridge Series to Zip Swiss.  For club managers, a special events schedule (keep October 4 free for the ACBL-wide instant matchpoint game). For players: Find a club by city or zip/postal code,  a list of tournaments from intermediate events to nationals. Want to know about conventions or find out how the recorder system works? This is your site. For members: Download bridge bulletins back to January 2005 and for fun, play “It’s Your Call”, a chance to make the next bid in 5 selected problem hands and eventually compare your results with experts. Teachers will find a wealth of material. Lots for everybody. 

During NABCs, I am on this site every day, downloading the daily bulletins and checking the results.

Level: All