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Site Review: Jeff Goldsmith by Linda Lee


Appearance: Primitive user interface.  Content is in an ordered list.  

A story:  There was a very old computer in the third sub-basement of a building.  You had to climb down rickety stairs to get to it. The type on the keys was worn off and you could hardly read the tiny screen.  But there was a long long line of people waiting for their turn on the computer.  Each person was only allowed 60 seconds to use it. When I asked why so many people were lined up at the computer the answer was: “If you type in the name of a stock, it gives you a quote for it.” “Really,” I said, starting to walk away.  The next response stopped me:  “The price of the stock at the end of trading – tomorrow!”  

So, is the content of Jeff Goldsmith’s Homepage good enough to overcome the rather primitive interface?

Content:  There are a lot of interesting ideas and useful content on this website.  Not all of it is about bridge. Other topics include figure skating, computing and, of more interest to bridge players, other games, including a strategy guide to Barbu). The section on bridge software appears outdated now.  You can, however, try the Kaplan/Rubens Hand Evaluator along with the Danny Kleinman Evaluator.  There is a long list of problems and polls to try.  I enjoyed the ones I tried, only partly because I did quite well.  There are also quite a number of bidding/convention ideas.  Other interesting bits and pieces.  I agree with this bit of wisdom from Jeff: “Partnerships are very synergistic. The sum can be anywhere between a large negative constant and something much greater than the sum of the parts.”  

Tags: Conventions, Bidding, Quizzes, Polls, Hand Evaluation

Level: Advanced, Expert