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Site Review: Double Dummy Corner by Linda Lee


Appearance: The design of the website is pretty basic but there is no problem finding your way around it.

Content: This is Hugh Darwen’s website, devoted to Double Dummy problems.  It was started in 2001 and it is still frequently updated.  The purpose of the site is ambitious.  I quote:

  • to provide a repository of every worthwhile DD problem that has ever been published; and

  • to provide a medium for publication of new problems for competitive solving

There is always a competition problem.  You submit your solution by the date allocated and you are awarded with DD (double dummy points) towards the year’s “Problemist of the Year”!  Certificates are awarded as you rank up as a problem solver.

Yes, you can, of course, use computer assistance from programs like Deep Finesse but as Darwen points out, mistakes can still be made.  I think it is more fun to try the solve the problem myself but I would probably check it out with software.  

Level: Advanced, Expert