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Barbara Seagram

This article is really for novices and intermediates. Tell me what your bid should be? You hold the following hands. The bidding has proceeded: 

1♣ - Pass - Pass to you

    1. ♠Qx  AJ10  Kxxx  ♣QJ109


    1. ♠Qxx  AJ10  KQX  ♣AJ9x


    1. ♠Q5432  xx  AQxx  ♣xx


    1. ♠Axx  Axxx  Q10x  ♣xxx


    1. ♠KQ10xx  xx  AKQx  ♣xx


    1. ♠xx  AQx  xxx  ♣AQJ98


And now tell me what your bid would have been if the bidding had proceeded 1♣ on your right.

Send your answers to bseagram@ca.inter.net.

Originally published on bridgeblogging.com December 27, 2007