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“To help those who teach bridge to do it better, more effectively, more knowledgeably, more professionally.”

Now you can search through all Bridge teachers registered with the ABTA. There are two distinct ways of finding a bridge teacher. They are described below. Choose the one you want to use and click the image to the right — that will display a form allowing you to set the search criteria. Alternately, click one of the links above.

Questions or concerns about the Find a Teacher Directory? Please contact Kathy Rolfe, ABTA Secretary-Treasurer

Search by Geographical Area
You can search for bridge teachers in a geographic area. This includes finding teachers within a certain distance of your home, within a certain distance of the center of a city, or within a state or province. Area Search
Search by Name
If you know a bridge teacher’s name (or an approximation of it), you can search for that teacher by name. Name Search