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Bridge Problem by Patrick Jourdain    

Bridge Problem 248 for September 2010

North opens Three Spades which goes round to West who bids 3NT. North leads Q. How should West play?

K 4  
A J 2  
A K 4 2  
K 10 6 3  
A 6
Q 5 3
7 6 5 3
Q J 4 2

Answer to Bridge problem 248

North will not have both heart king and club ace so declarer should win the first trick in dummy and take the heart finesse. If that loses and North clears the spades you are assuming South will have the club ace and no spades left to play.

If you play on clubs first and South wins to clear the spades North may have an entry either with the heart king or the third diamond.

North holds:

Q J 10 9 7 5 3  K 6  Q 9 8 

This article has been published with permission from Bridge Magazine.