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ABTA members enjoyed a lively visit to Graceland, and great times catching up with friends during the 2012 ABTA Convention in Memphis, Tennessee.

2012 ABTA Convention, Memphis, TN: Highlights

Just Added: Photos from Memphis - see them here!

ABTA Book of the Year Winners 2012

Read All About It!  Peggy Kaplan shares the highlights of the Memphis ceremonies in Teacher Treats, an article from the ACBL website.Teacher Treats is shared here courtesy of its authors Peggy Kaplan and Brent Manley

Winners Announced: ABTA Awards 2012 



2014 Las Vegas Mob Museum

A few ABTA members took a side-trip during the convention to the Mob Museum.


ABTA MPP Teacher of the Year: Mary Jane Orock of Fort Worth, Texas was awarded the Teacher of the Year 2012 at the Memphis award ceremonies. Read more about Orock and this prestigious award here 

 Book of the Year: Beginner/Intermediate: A First Book Of Bridge Problems — Patrick O'Connor
 Book of the Year: Intermediate/Advanced: Cuebidding 1 – Controls — Patty Tucker & Melissa Bernhardt

 Software: Talking Bridge, by Larry Cohen — An Audio CD


Memphis 2012 Photos

Check out these photos from Memphis 2012, including pics from the ABTA Banquet and the Graceland excursion.