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                         By Brenda Simpson

The New Year is going by quickly and the 2013 Atlanta Conference Committees are on top of their assigned tasks to be ready for our July  event. Linda Green, our  program chairman, has a tentative schedule that can be seen elsewhere in the Quarterly.

The important change from the original dates is the elimination of the Friday morning session and the addition of a Tues evening session. The reason for not meeting on Friday is that the National Tournament starts at 10:00 am that day.  Many of our attendees will now be able to play in the Life Master Pairs or other events.

The new dates are Tues July 30- Thur Aug 1. Kathy Rolfe, Business Secretary/Treasurer, is working hard to keep the registration fee from rising. It will remain at $200 for the Conference, two breakfasts, and the Banquet. Sandy Stevens and Nancy Abbott are in charge of the “Welcoming Goodie Bags.”  If you have any items to donate please be sure to contact them or bring the goodies to the work party on Mon night at 7:30pm. 

Master Teacher interviews will be on Monday night, July 29, at 6:00pm.  The new chairman is Ginny Schuett. Members of the Board and Master Teacher committee should plan on arriving by Monday evening.

On Tues morning at 8:00 am, the Pre-Conference Board Meeting will take place.  Chuck Hodel will then host a Newcomers Luncheon at 11:00. The First session will starts with registration at 1:00. The second session will be after dinner from 6:30-9:30pm.  Patty Tucker will demonstrate her new “Learn Bridge In A Day” program with beginners who have signed up for this event. ACBL will co-host this demonstration.

Our Atlanta Hostess is Carole Burdick.  She will be arranging an optional dinner and tour for Wed Evening. The destination and fee will be determined by the next Quarterly due at the end of May.

Our final culminating activity on Thur evening will be our Banquet with Master Teacher, Applebasket, Book, and Software Awards. The popular Pro-Panel members with George Jacobs will be dining with us and then will be open to our questions. 

The Post Conference Board meeting will be on Fri, Aug 2, at 8:00 am and ending before 9:30 am in order to play in the morning session.

Be sure to visit our new website at ABTAhome.com or Teachbridge.com. Master Point Press has released the revamped site with lots of new additions. If you have suggestions for the website, let me know and I’ll send them to the webmaster.

I just got an I-Pad for Xmas (from me to me) and found out that Audrey Grant has an AP that can be enjoyed on our electronic toys. This AP has various hands that describe either bidding, play, or defense of the hand. Audrey will be one of our speakers for ABTA in July.

Joyce Penn is again in charge of the Teacher of the Year Award sponsored by Master Point Press.  Check the web for information of how to apply. Previous candidates are welcome to participate.

Brenda Montague would like to remind those teachers with teaching tips to submit them to her for the Applebasket Contest. The Quarterly editors, Charlie and Leslie are always looking for articles submitted by members to help teachers with their lessons, advertising,  tax hints, and bridge hands.

The last item I have is to inform you of some sad news.  Reba Jernigan passed away last Oct.  She has been the South Central Regional Director for several three-year terms.  She will be missed.  On the bright side, Joe Carbo, will take over her term. Check out his information in the list of Regional Directors.

I hope to see you in Atlanta.  Be sure to make your reservations early if you want to stay at the playing site.