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by Linda J. Green

Linda J. Green from the ABTA gives us a quick look at her favorite parts from some of the 2013 Convention presentations.

Jerry Helms: "Singletons"

• Very effective as usual- great handouts appreciated
• Excellent comments- tips and analysis -many, many insights in short time
• Great fun - great hands which I can definitely use
• Always a joy to be in attendance at Jerry's seminars- good explanations- can borrow and give credits- some ideas

Billy Miller: "Take on Teaching new and Intermediate players"

• Billy is wonderful! Very entertaining with great ideas to bring teaching into the 21st century- I loved the suggestion to the teachers to encourage students to Kibitz have been trying to get my students to Kibitz for years without support from the other teachers or the students themselves
• Very attention grabbing loved it. Don't know if I agree with his 2/1 to beginners, but gave me a lot to think about
• Love hearing stories of the greats- agree that we need to look at teaching SAYC methods and then having to un-teach
• Entertaining and challenging to all teachers to update their game

Audrey Grant: "It's Time for the One Session Lesson"

• Fantastic - I never tire of learning from her and appreciate a copy of her new book
• Very professional and lots of exciting ideas
• Excellent pace, great ideas, useful handouts, helpful real experiences, open to suggestions
• She is always excellent- a true PRO- I'm enthusiastic about her latest material and pleased she is trying new ideas especially with technology

Rosemary Boden: "Acol or Two over One -Why not Both"

• Loved it! Wish it lasted longer- very clear and precise - would definitely use her ideas for transfer and the way to present it to students
• Very entertaining- makes me want to learn to play bridge- not a 2/1 user but will reconsider if she can teach to such a diverse group

Amy Nellissen: "Transitioning Students into Duplicate"

• Amy talks from reality- very useful- a new way to think about newplicate games
• Wonderful speaker - I will use all Amy's tips- really enjoyed listening to a teacher and club director's experiences
• One of the best speakers so far- very helpful ideas
• Very informative- learnt about pricing to attract students

Julian Laderman: "Show and Tell- Whist Bridge and Toys"

• So enjoyable in every way- well organized, entertaining, enlightening and a refreshing change of topics
• Very funny- informative- can impress my students with actual bridge history
• Very dynamic and funny- interesting to learn about the history
• Loved him-I like giving historical facts to my classes so definitely got new material