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Congratulations to this year’s winner of the 2014 ABTA Book of the Year Award:

Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay

by Audrey Grant

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Publisher: Baron Barclay Bridge Supply

In Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay, the second title in Audrey Grant's Bookmark Series, learn how to implement the endplay in bridge. In some suit combinations it's better to have the suit led by the opponents into the declarer's strength. Learn how to recognize suits better led by defender, identify the exit card, eliminate defenders' options and play the throw-in. There are explanatory hands plus ten practice deals. Fold-out bookmark flaps reference the essential ideas.

Your dummy play needs improving, right? You would like a few tricks up your sleeve? This is the book for you! You will find the reading experience enjoyable and illuminating.

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