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Applebasket Entry, 2013

Submitted by: Sandra Lovering (Toronto, Ontario)– winner!

When Teaching Reverses by Opener

With a minimum opening bid, opener has a “barrier”—the two level of his opening suit.

His only rebid beyond this barrier is raising his partner’s suit.

To illustrate this, use one bidding box on the table.

Choose a bid for opener, place it in front of him. Then choose a bid for responder (from the same box) and put it in front of him.

Then remove all the bids beyond the two level of opener’s suit. What is left in the bidding box are the only options for opener with a minimum hand (other than raising partner).

All other bids beyond the “barrier” show 17 or more points.

This exercise can be done several times, with the teacher choosing different bids for opener and responder.