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For Teachers Only: For September and October we're offering a sample copy of any of the Winning Bridge Conventions Series Honors Books by Patty Tucker for just 5$* and 40% off an order of 10 or more copies of these books. See Teacher Special page for more details.


The Winning Bridge Conventions Series

by: Patty Tucker

Sample Price $5.00 each and 40% off 10 or more copies.*


For September and October of 2014 we are offering a sample copy of each of the titles of the Winning Bridge Conventions Series by Patty Tucker. Each teacher can purchase one sample copy of each title for 5.00 USD (Shipping included). We are also offering a bulk discount on the Winning Bridge Conventions Series: *order 10 or more copies and receive 40% off (not including sample copies or shipping).

About the Winning Bridge Conventions Series: 
This series of Honors Books covers a number of useful conventions, explaining them carefully along with numerous examples and quizzes to help the reader understand what is being learned.

Books in this series:

Conventions Useful with 2/1
Defensive Carding & Opening Leads
Conventions After a Notrump Opening
Slam Bidding Conventions
Conventions After a Major Suit Opening
Conventions Useful With Strong Hands
Competitive Doubles
Competitive Bidding

Please note: This special offer is available to bridge teachers only. Thanks for your cooperation.

To take advantage of this limited time offer, email marketing@masterpointpress.com, call 416-781-0351 or fax 416-781-1831.

Please provide the following information with your order request:

    • Name and shipping address.
    • Credit card information (Visa or MasterCard number, expiry date and CVV number). You may supply this by phone or fax, or in two separate emails if you prefer.

A check made out to Master Point Press can also be mailed with your order to: Master Point Press, 331 Douglas Ave, Toronto ON, M5M 1H2, Canada.

Please be patient, delivery by surface post could take 2-4 weeks.

*Additional shipping charges may apply for teachers outside of North America and the offer expires on October 31st, 2014