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“To help those who teach bridge to do it better, more effectively, more knowledgeably, more professionally.”

Cost: US $190 or ($25 discount if paid by May1, 2017, TOTAL with early discount $165)($25 is not refundable. Every effort will be made to refund beyond that if we have not already committed to the expenditure.)

Cost includes: Continental Breakfast Wednesday-Friday mornings, 7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. at the Strathcona Hotel, across the street from the Royal York. Don’t miss the Thursday night Banquet (also at the Strathcona) as this is when our very popular pro-panel will be joining us!

At this time there is one method that can be used to register for the ABTA 2017 Convention.

Call (816-237-0519) or email (abtaemail@gmail.com) to register and pay in person or with a credit card over the phone after this date.

  1. Download PDF Form — If you would prefer not to enter any information online, you can download and print a PDF form. Information about submission and payment is on the form.