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For Teachers Only: Get 50% off orders of 30 copies or more and 40% off orders of 15 to 29 copies!

August - September Bulk Discount

Master Point Press has a special offer for teachers on all our bulk quantity orders. These discounts will be available to teachers until the end of September 2015. To order see information below.

  • 50% off a purchase of 30 copies or more

  • 35% off a purchase of 15 to 29 copies

These discounts apply to books and bridge software.

For a list of all titles available from Master Point Press visit our website at MasterPointPress.com or view our newest catalogue here: Master Point Press 2015-2016 Catalogue.


Please note: This special offer is available to bridge teachers only. Thanks for your cooperation.

To take advantage of this limited time offer, email marketing@masterpointpress.com, call 416-781-0351 or fax 416-781-1831.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Shipping/handling is usually about 10-15% of the order*
  • US orders received by Tuesday at noon ship on Thursday by FedEx

Please provide the following information with your order request:

    • Name and shipping address.
    • Credit card information (Visa or MasterCard number, expiry date and CVV number). You may supply this by phone or fax, or in two separate emails if you prefer.
    • We also require a valid SSN# or Federal Tax ID # on these bulk orders

A check made out to Master Point Press can also be mailed with your order to: Master Point Press, 331 Douglas Ave, Toronto ON, M5M 1H2, Canada.

Please be patient, delivery by surface post could take 2-4 weeks.

This offer is available until Septmber 30th, 2015.


*Additional shipping charges may apply for teachers outside of North America