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Applebasket Entry, 2016

Submitted by:  Patty Tucker- 3rd Place

Mnemonics are always helpful for new students. When I am trying to explain the concept of fast arrival after a 2 opening bid this is what I tell them....

After the auction proceeds

N            S

2        2*        *Waiting



Once South does not bid 3 (a 2nd Negative, denying a trick or as many as 5 HCPs) and is going to raise hearts (promising 3+ hearts and the values to bid game), the slower you bid the better your hand. Therefore,

A bid of 4 says, “I have a trick, a fit and that’s IT!

A bid of 3 says, “I have a trick, a fit and aBIT(more)!


They like the rhyme, but most important.... it helps them remember the concept.