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About ABTA Master Teacher Designation

What does it mean to be an ABTA Master Teacher?

The ABTA Master Teacher designation is the highest recognition we have in the North American bridge teaching community. ABTA Master Teachers are our very best professionals, and we are confident in recommending our Master Teachers for bridge teaching jobs at any level and in any setting.

What Defines a Master Teacher?

The following list highlights the key qualities that the committee looks for while interviewing candidates for the Master Teacher designation.

Knowledge of Bridge

Thorough knowledge of bridge is important. Although candidates are not required to be expert players or Life Masters, candidate teachers should be able to demonstrate that they have extensive knowledge and can, therefore, answer a wide range of student questions and teach in a variety of contexts.

Communication Skills

An ABTA Master Teacher is comfortable in the classroom and communicates clearly and tactfully with students of all levels. Throughout the interview, we are looking for attributes such as composure, intelligence, verbal skills, openness, professional appearance and attitude, patience, enthusiasm, and a willingness to seek out advice and support from other professionals.

Teaching Approach and Expertise

Master Teachers are experienced professionals who embody the elements of good teaching, including: use of effective teaching methods and materials, concern for students’ needs and student safety, a clear teaching philosophy, and a commitment to professional development.

What are the advantages of gaining the ABTA Master Teacher designation?

There are many personal and professional benefits to this designation, and many teachers have found the application process to be a valuable learning experience. You can read more about the benefits of this designation here.