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To All ABTA Members Regarding 2016 ABTA Convention

In an email Barbara Seagram detailed important information for all ABTA Members regarding the upcoming 2016 ABTA convention....

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2016 Convention: Washington

Look here for information on the 2016 ABTA Convention. View the provisional schedule, register, and keep up to date with the most current information right here. Hope to see you next year!...

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Membership Renewal and Current Data

A brief article regarding Membership Renewal and Current Data by Kathy Rolfe...

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About the TOY Award

2015-2016: ATTENTION BRIDGE TEACHERS! Are you a bridge teacher who gives that something “extra” in the classroom and shares enthusiasm, encouragement and passion for bridge with your students?  Your students may nominate you for consider...

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Eligibility and Selection

2015-2016 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of The Year Criteria Information ...

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2015 Master Point Press Presentation

Materials from the Master Point Press presentation “New Books and Teacher Special from Master Point Press” at the ABTA Convention in Chicago, Illinois....

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Teacher of the Year: Form for Teachers

If you would like to nominate a teacher, find the required form here! If you are a teacher and have been nominated, find the required form here! Please complete the appropriate form and email it to Joyce Penn....

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2015 ABTA Book of the Year: Intermediate/Advanced

Congratulations to David Bird and his book Winning Duplicate Tactics for winning this year's prestigious ABTA Book of the Year award in the Intermediate/Advanced category....

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