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Special Event at the ABTA Convention

Details regarding the Wednesday Special Event at the ABTA Convention...

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ABTA Book of the Year Winners 1982-current

2014 - Beginner   A Second Book of Bridge Problems Patrick O'...

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Teacher of the Year 2015 Nominees

Nancy Abbott, Chairperson ABTA-MPP TOY Committee

More on nominees for the 2015 ABTA and Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award....

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2015 Convention

Look here for information on the 2015 ABTA Convention. View the provisional schedule, register, and keep up to date with the most current information right here. Hope to see you next year!...

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Registration for the Convention, held at the Chicago Hilton, 720 S Michigan Ave. Tuesday afternoon August 4th, 2015 to Friday morning, August 7th, 2015....

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1st and 2nd Time Attendees Brunch

Details regarding the welcome brunch....

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First Gatlinburg National Youth Bridge Conference

The Gatlinburg Convention Center will host the First National Youth Bridge Convention on April 12 – 13, 2015....

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Call For Entries: ABTA Book and Software Awards

Pat Harrington

A general Call for Entries for the 2015 ABTA Book and Software of the Year Awards....

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